Tuesday, September 7, 2010

IWLA Unveils Expanded Political and Government Education/Advocacy Effort

IWLA is pleased to announce the launch of an expanded political education effort by establishing the IWLA Corporate Political Education Fund (CPEF). CPEF was created to help support IWLA's advocacy efforts. IWLA recently talked to Mark DeFabis of Integrated Distribution Services about the program and its importance to all IWLA members. Mark, with Doug Sibila of Peoples Services, co-chairs IWLA’s Government Affairs Steering Committee.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inbound Logistics Names Jacobson to 2010 Top 100 3PL List

Des Moines, IA – Jacobson Companies has recently been named to the 2010 Top 100 3PL list by Inbound Logistics, a leading publication for demand-driven logistics.

Felecia Stratton, Editor of Inbound Logistics quotes, "How do today's leading business logistics managers face the challenges of demand volatility, compliance with complex customer requirements, and achieving the lean operational process so fundamental to success? By relying on a world-class logistics partner like those found on the Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL Providers list. Inbound Logistics selected Jacobson Companies as a 2010 Top 100 3PL Provider because of its successful track record in acting as a business change agent for its customers, while delivering the operational efficiency needed to be globally competitive."

Inbound Logistics' Top 100 3PL Provider's list serves as a qualitative assessment of service providers we feel are best equipped to meet and surpass readers’ evolving outsourcing needs. Distilling the Top 100 is never an easy task, and the process becomes increasingly difficult as more 3PLs enter the market and service providers from other functional areas develop value-added logistics capabilities. Each year, Inbound Logistics editors select the best logistics solutions providers by carefully evaluating submitted information, conducting personal interviews and online research, and comparing that data to our readers’ burgeoning global supply chain and logistics challenges. IL editors selected this year's class of Top 100 3PLs from a pool of more than 300 companies. The service providers we selected are companies that, in the opinion of IL editors, offer the diverse operational capabilities and experience to meet readers' unique supply chain and logistics needs.

About Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics the leading trade magazine targeted toward business logistics and supply chain managers. The magazine's editorial mission is to help companies of all sizes better manage corporate resources by speeding and reducing inventory and supporting infrastructure, and better matching demand signals to supply lines. More information is available at http://www.inboundlogistics.com/.

About Jacobson Companies
Founded in 1968, Jacobson Companies is a leading third-party logistics (“3PL”) company, providing value-added warehousing, contract packaging & manufacturing, staffing, freight management, and international air & ocean freight forwarding services. As of today, Jacobson has more than 35 million square feet of warehouse space in 35 major markets across the United States with approximately 7,000 employees. Jacobson maintains a website at http://www.jacobsonco.com/.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Georgia Adopts IWLA Proposal to Bring Warehouse Law Into the High Tech Era

August 2, 2010 (DES PLAINES, IL) – The International Warehouse Logistics Association made more progress in its campaign to get states to adopt changes to the Uniform Commercial Code when Georgia became the latest state to do so.

The Georgia state legislature passed legislation adopting the changes, which was signed into law by Governor Sonny Perdue on May 27 and went onto effect on July 1.

The UCC was established in 1952 and is one of a number of uniform acts that have been created to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states. Article 7 of the code pertains to warehouse receipts, bills of lading and other documents of title. In 2003, IWLA began an effort to get the states to adopt a revised Article 7 that allows for many of these documents to be in electronic form.

The new Georgia law also deletes obsolete references to tariffs, classifications and regulations that no longer track modern commercial practices. In addition, it deals with permissible contractual limitations of liability; negotiation and transfer; lien of the carrier or warehousemen on the goods and right to enforce lien in a commercially reasonable manner; altered, lost and stolen instruments; and the effects on holders resulting from insolvency of the warehouse customer.

Continue reading about the IWLA's campaign here.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

IWLA Asks FDA to Maintain 3PL Warehouse Responsibility Over Recalled Food Products

July 28, 2010 (DES PLAINES, IL) – Joel D. Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer of the International Warehouse Logistics Association, asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to clarify a recently issued draft regulatory guidance regarding the reporting of adulterated food product by third-party logistics providers.

The FDA guidance document implements the requirements of the Reportable Food Registry and the reporting of adulterated food products. IWLA’s letter specifically responds to FDA’s request for recommendations for determining when a food product has been transferred in the supply chain.

"Whether or not an article of food has been transferred from customer to the 3PL warehouse is a significant issue for the 3PL industry," Mr. Anderson said in a July 26 letter to FDA. He urged the agency to make clear in its written guidance that a transfer of product occurs upon transfer of ownership, not upon transfer of possession.

You can read the rest of Joel Anderson's letter to the FDA here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

China’s Chokehold on High-Tech Supply Chains

We’re all familiar with the supply-chain risks posed by this country’s heavy dependence on imported oil. We’ve seen what happens when big producers like Saudi Arabia temporarily turn off the spigot that feeds our insatiable appetite for petroleum-based products. But there’s another looming crisis of supply for manufacturers, one that is just beginning to get the attention of major media. It’s the issue of so-called rare earth minerals.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Trucking should be back to normal today

Trucking officials said they may be hampered now by flooding concerns, but expect to be back at 100 percent capacity within days or — at least in one case — even by tomorrow...

...Nashville-based M&W Logistics Group should have its transportation side back to normal shortly, but warehousing operations may lag behind, according to Jason Pitt, M&W's manager of warehousing.

"We had some drivers that did get out, so we’ll be back to normal from a transportation standpoint," Pitt said.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Massive flooding hits Nashville

Thousands of Middle Tennessee homeowners and business owners will spend this week — and in some cases much longer — working to recover from a weekend of widespread flooding that came as the result of two days of record-setting rainfall in Nashville.